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About us “We, LabGig are an Indian Innovation Diffusion company with Consultative Sales and Established Distribution Channels in Life Sciences domain. We are the catalysts of life sciences innovation in India, collaborating with companies to create value from research to manufacturing. Our offerings include:
• Products: We provide a wide range of Laboratory Instruments, Equipment, Reagents, and Consumables that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. We have introduced and established several global brands such as NanoDrop™, AlphaImager™, ChemiImager™, RotorGene™, PalmCycler™ Evos™, IVIS™ and more.

• Projects: We undertake R&D, clean room and other infrastructure projects that enhance the capabilities and efficiency of our clients. We deliver end-to-end solutions that cover design, installation, commissioning, validation, and maintenance.

• Services: We offer R&D, business and technical consulting and manufacturing Services that help our clients achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. We have a team of domain experts who have the expertise and experience to coach and support them along their path. In our earlier format as JHBIO we have over 4000 customers across India, covering virtually all major accounts in the life sciences sector. We have been the trusted name in life sciences distribution in India for over 35 years. We have transformed our business model to be relevant to the current times and the future. We use a Phygital format that combines physical and digital elements, using various strategies and technologies to reach out to our customers and provide them with the best solutions for their needs. The new format is articulated and put in place to suit:

• Ever-changing modes of technology & communication due to high internet penetration, Digital media, Social media fast paced by once in a century Pandemic
• Far reaching cultural transformation highly influenced by the transformational policy changes that have taken root in the last decade or so with the gravity and focus of public funding shifting to start-ups, individuals, and also Institution-industry partnerships.
There is an urgent need for these organizations or individuals to be guided holistically from idea to product to monetization. Access to our experts in different disciplines and domains is a boon to our customers in making informed decisions at all levels. We are more than just a service provider. We are your partner in success. “
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