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The Bio agriculture industry in India is a vital segment of the biotechnology sector that applies biotechnology to agricultural processes such as crop production, animal husbandry, and soil management. The Bio agriculture industry in India comprises of various sub-sectors such as:

  • Biofertilizers
  • Biopesticides
  • Bioseeds
  • Biostimulants
  • Animal biotechnology
  • Aquaculture
  • biotechnology

Market Size and Growth

According to the India Bioeconomy Report 2022, the Bio agriculture industry in India was valued at $2.9 billion in 2021, accounting for 3.6% of the total Bioeconomy. The Bio agriculture industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% and reach $5.1 billion by 2025.


Some of the key drivers for the growth of the Bioindustrial industry in India are:

The increasing demand for organic and high-quality food products
The supportive government policies and schemes
The availability of rich biodiversity and genetic resources
The emergence of innovative startups and technologies Opportunities for Collaboration and Innovation

As a consultative distributor company of products and services for the Indian market, you can leverage the potential of the Bio agriculture industry in India by partnering with global suppliers of laboratory products and services that cater to the needs and challenges of this sector. You can also explore the opportunities for collaboration and innovation with the various bio-incubators, research institutes, and startups that are supported by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC).The Bio agriculture industry in India is a promising and dynamic sector that offers immense scope for growth and development in the coming years.
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