TurboCycler 2

TurboCycler 2 thermal cycler is designed specifically to enhance PCR efficiency and accuracy. It is equipped with a 7” sensitive touchscreen and a friendly graphic user interface, which makes operation highly intuitive.


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TurboCycler 2 thermal cycler is designed specifically to enhance PCR efficiency and accuracy. It is equipped with a 7” sensitive touchscreen and a friendly graphic user interface, which makes operation highly intuitive. With flexible ramp rate and gradient temperature control, TurboCycler 2 greatly increases PCR accurate optimization. The Wi-Fi function enables you to monitor the PCR run status anytime remotely with walk-away convenience.

Features and Benefits

Outstanding Performance

  1. Flexible Ramp Rate Control – from 0.1 – 5.5 ℃/sec to meet the need for the CRISPR-related assays.
  2. Fully Adjustable Lid Temperature – can be set between 35 and 120 °C for virtually any type of experiment including NGS pre-treatment.
  3. Gradient Optimization – range from 1 to 30 °C enables optimal experimental conditions in a single PCR run.

Easy to Control

The sensitive 7” capacitive touchscreen enables easy operation even with laboratory gloves.

Friendly User Interface

The graphic interface is easy to use, making the adjustment of experiment parameters such as temperature, time, and cycle quick and simple.

Efficient Remote Monitoring

Monitor your PCR status remotely anytime on your mobile device via the free TurboApp.





Sample Block
96 Well, Gradient Block Compatible with a regular profile or low profile 0.2 ml PCR tube, strip, non-skirted, semi-skirted, and full-skirted 96-well plate
Block Temperature
Block Temperature Range 4.0 – 100 °C
Max. Heating Rate 5.5 °C/sec
Max. Cooling Rate 3.3 °C/sec
Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.3 °C
Temperature Uniformity Across Block +/- 0.3 °C
Adjustable Ramp Rate 0.1 – 5.5 °C/sec
Gradient Temperature
Gradient Direction Horizontal across the block
Gradient Temperature Range 30 – 100 °C
Gradient Temperature Difference Max. span 30 °C
Heater Lid
Temperature Setting Range 35 – 120 °C or off
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1.0 °C
Portability of Protocols Save and transfer to a computer or TurboCycler 2 via USB flash drive
Stored Program No. > 4000 sets
Registered User Folder No. 100 sets
User Folder Password Protection Yes
Run Status Report Yes, HTML output and transfer via USB flash drive
Real-time Temp. Profile Export Yes, CSV output and transfer via USB flash drive
Tools Tm calculator, Copy number convertor, Master mix preparation wizard
Display 7” color LCD with capacitive touch panel
Data Port 1 USB Type-A front port for USB flash drive
Heated Lid 35 – 120 °C or off
Auto Restart after Power Outage Yes
Remote Monitoring via Wi-Fi Optional
Footprint Dimensions (H x W x D) 225 mm x 245 mm x 415 mm
Weight 9.5 kg
Power Supply AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 750 W
Certification CE, RoHS
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