M2-96G PCR Amplifier

The M2-96G PCR amplifier provides precise temperature control and an intelligent user operating system to achieve rapid and specific amplification of target DNA fragments.




Equipped with a temperature gradient function, 12 sets of gradient temperature settings can be realized at one time to optimize analysis conditions. At the same time, the temperature and time cycle increments can be increased/decreased, and Touchdown PCR and Long PCR experiments can be performed. It is widely used in the fields of molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, cell biology, food science, and agronomy to conduct experimental research such as molecular cloning, gene expression analysis, genotype identification, sequencing, and pathogenic microorganism analysis.


  • Linear temperature gradient function:  12 sets of linear temperature gradient functions accurately lock the optimal annealing temperature
  • Rapid heating: The heating rate can reach 6.0’C/s, improving experimental efficiency
  • Data visualization: Multi-level, personalized account management system, the program is well-organized
  • Multifunctional design: One machine with two functions also has the function of constant temperature incubation


  • Gene expression: Gene expression is the process of using the information in the gene to synthesize gene products, and different types of specific expression differences can be detected by PCR
  • Genotyping: Genotyping is the process of comparing differences in the genetic makeup of individuals by detecting differences in the DNA sequences of specific organisms
  • Gene Sequencing: The full sequence of the gene can be analyzed by sequencing, the possibility of various diseases can be predicted, and the diseased gene can be locked in advance for prevention and treatment
  • Clone: Cloning involves editing DNA molecules in vitro and transforming/transducing them into the host for replication and amplification to study gene expression regulation and function.



Sample size Common PCR reaction tubes such as 0.2mL/0.1mL/flat cap/convex cap
Reaction system 10-100 μL
Heating module 96-well heating block
Module temperature control range 0-100℃
Gradient temperature control range 30-100℃ (the maximum temperature span for a single setting is 30℃)
Hot lid temperature range 40-110℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.25℃(35~100℃
Temperature uniformity ≤±0.35℃ (20s after reaching the constant temperature of 95℃)
Maximum heating and cooling rate 6.0°C/s; 4.5°C/s
Average heating and cooling rate 4.5℃/s; 3.5℃/s
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Maximum number of cycles 99 times
Maximum number of steps ±0.1-5℃
Temperature increase/decrease 28kg
Time increment/decrement ±1-240s
Power outage protection Yes
Interface 1 RS232, 1 USB2.0, 1 network port
Size 264mm x 470mm x 259mm
Weight 16.5kg
Input power 220V/50HZ; 110V/60HZ
Maximum power 925W
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