The FS800A cryostat is a fully automatic microtome whose box and sample head can be refrigerated independently. It is used clinically for rapid pathological diagnosis during surgery, and for scientific research in immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, and spatial transcriptomics. Production etc.





  • Smart thermostat: 1. The compressor adopts variable frequency temperature control mode, which has a    small temperature fluctuation range and more accurate temperature control. A stable low-temperature environment is conducive to cutting high-quality slices. 2. Active refrigeration of the sample head realizes temperature control of the sample head through multiple methods such as compressor, secondary refrigerant, and semiconductor refrigeration, creating optimal slicing conditions to meet the needs of various types of samples.
  • Precise injection: The top-level cross guide rail and precision screw, together with the five-phase high-resolution sampling motor and the horizontal sampling slider made of aviation aluminum, form a high-precision sampling system to ensure the quality of slices.
  • Rapid positioning: Patented visual pointer mark allows intuitive visualization of angle adjustment data.   When adjusting tissue angles on different inclined planes, the direction of the sample head can be accurately controlled to avoid tissue sample waste.
  • Low-Temperature UV Disinfection System: The equipment is equipped with an ozone-free UV disinfection system to reduce the risk of contamination from infectious materials. UV disinfection can be performed at any time and at any temperature.
  • Waste management system: Realize alarm management for waste liquid bottles that are not in place and full bottles overflowing to prevent waste liquid from flowing out and contaminating the ground.
  • Smart slicing: 1. The intelligent automatic slicing function ensures that different types of samples can be sliced continuously and consistently. Further, improves the convenience of use. 2. Four automatic slicing modes to meet the needs of different slicing scenarios. The window-cutting function ensures the quality of slicing
    while improving the efficiency of automatic slicing.



Slice Thickness Range 0.5 – 100 µm
Trimming Thickness Range 1 – 800µm
Sample retraction 0-250um, adjustable
Horizontal travel 28mm, vertical travel: 70mm
Sample positioning 8° (X and Y axes), sample holder rotates 360°
Motorized injection speed 0-1800µm/s
Freezer temperature range 0~-35℃
Sample head cooling temperature range -10℃~-50℃
Minimum temperature of the quick freeze shelf When the chamber temperature is -35℃, it can be as low as -42℃
Quick Freeze Rack Sample Sites 15
Fast Cooling Sample Site 2
Defrost Automatic defrost, manual defrost
UV disinfection 30 or 180 minutes
User selects slicing mode Electric sectioning, manual sectioning
Motorized Slicing Mode Single, Cont., Int., Multi. Four types
Electric slice speed 0.5~450mm/s
Window cutting function foot switch Supports window cutting function in electric mode, foot switch
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