Microcentrifuge with more capacity and higher safety. The TurboFuge is a compact microcentrifuge with 24/36-place capacity that gives you a more flexible and efficient solution for a wide range of laboratory applications.




The TurboFuge is a compact microcentrifuge with 24/36-place capacity that gives you a more flexible and efficient solution for a wide range of laboratory applications. With multiple safety features and a superior heat dissipation design, TurboFuge ensures a safer working environment with delicate sample protection.

Features and Benefits

Safety Comes First

1. Lid Drop Protection
The lid is held at 5-60 degrees to allow easy loading and unloading of tubes.
2. A Robust Construction
The metal lid and chamber provide stability and solid protection from the hazard of rotor imbalance and also reduce the noise.
3. An Aerosol-Tight Metal Rotor Lid
It can be chosen to prevent the dispersal of hazardous aerosols.
4. Intelligent Imbalance Detection
The rotor imbalance sensor turns the centrifuge off immediately if rotor imbalance is detected.
5. The Motorized Dual Lock
ensures that the lid is always safely locked when the rotor is running.

Ease of Operation

The LED display and the graphics icons show the status and settings of the centrifuge; you can adjust functions easily at the touch of the SYSTEM button.

Visual Indication
● The distinct blue/red backlight shows the run status.
● A high-brightness blue Lid Open key indicator

Improved Sample Protection and Reliability

● The enhanced ventilation design and heat sink around the chamber suppresses temperature rise during high-speed centrifugation thus protecting sensitive samples.
● The metal rotor lid and rotor can be autoclaved to avoid contamination of samples.
● The motor of the centrifuge has passed 1,500 hours of continuous run.
● The lid has passed the 20,000 open/close cycle test.

Enabled Flexible Capacity in One Unit

Fitted with interchangeable 24- and 36-well rotor options, TurboFuge can accommodate more tubes within the same compact device. The aerosol-tight metal rotor lid option is also available.




Max. Speed 15,000 rpm
Max. RCF 21,400 xg
Max. Capacity 36 x 1.5/2.0 ml
Available Rotors 24/36-well for 1.5/2.0 ml tube
ACC/DEC Time 15 s / 90 s
Ramps 9
Timer 30 s to 99 m, with continuous mode
Power Supply AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 250 W Max
Dimensions (W x D x H) 25 x 34 x 24 cm
Weight without Rotor 10 kg
Certifications CE, RoHS
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