The air-jacketed carbon dioxide incubator provides a suitable and stable environment for cell/tissue culture. The smart touch screen of the CO2 incubator can display a 7-day performance trend chart, making it easy to monitor changes in key parameters such as CO2.





  • Accurate carbon dioxide concentration monitoring:  The high-temperature carbon dioxide infrared (IR) probe of the Ryward C02 incubator can ensure real-time monitoring of carbon dioxide concentration changes in the box, and no need to take it out for high-temperature sterilization
  • Stable temperature control: The six-sided air-jacketed heating system of the C02 incubator is equipped with a Pt1000 platinum thermal resistance to quickly restore the set temperature
  • Smart and friendly operating experience:  The 7-inch high-definition touch screen of the C02 incubator can display the culture condition change curve (temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, and relative humidity), and can be exported at any time
  • Multiple alarm settings: C02 incubator’s inner and outer doors open overtime alarm, main parameter abnormal alarm, over-temperature alarm function, etc. to ensure sample safety


  • Tissue/cell engineering research: Tissue engineering combines applied engineering, life science, and materials science to separate specific tissues for in vitro proliferation and then transplant them into specific parts of animals to form normal tissues and organs.
  • Animal cell research: Isolate cells from animal tissues, culture them, and study their characteristics, which can be used for cell biology research, screening of new drugs, and vaccine production.
  • Neuroscience research: Cultivating nerve cells in vitro is a very necessary technical means in neuroscience research. By cultivating nerve cells in vitro, maintaining the characteristics of structure and function, simulating the growth process of cells in vivo, and then studying nerve-related diseases at the cellular and
    molecular levels mechanism



Temperature control accuracy and range ±0.1℃@37℃, 5℃-50℃ higher than ambient temperature
Temperature heating method Air sleeve type
Temperature uniformity ±0.3℃@37℃
Temperature alarm setting User-definable, upper limit: (T+0.1) ~ (T+5.0); lower limit: (T-0.1) ~ (T-5.0)
Temperature Sensor Pt1000 platinum thermal resistance
Temperature Controller PID
Temperature reading capability and setting capability 0.1°C
Sterilization method 140℃ high temperature dry heat sterilization
CO2 control accuracy and range ±0.1%@5%, 0-20%
CO2 sensor High Temperature Infrared (IR) Probes
CO2 input pressure 1.0 bar is recommended
CO2 uniformity ±0.3%
CO2 reading capability and setting capability 0.10%
CO2 alarm settings User-definable, upper limit: (C+0.1) ~ (C+1.0); lower limit: (C-0.1) ~ (C-1.0)
Humidity system (humidification water pan) volume ~3.8L
Humidity display accuracy 1% RH
Shelf size 48.7 × 46.1cm
Shelf area 224.5 cm2
Standard and maximum number of shelves 4; 17
Internal volume 188L
Internal dimensions 51.0(W) × 54.7(D) × 67.5(H)cm
External dimensions 69.5(W) × 67.0(D) × 97.0(H) cm (including display and feet)
Box weight 110kg
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