M1416R High Speed Desktop Refrigerated Centrifuge

The maximum speed of the high-speed desktop refrigerated centrifuge can reach 18000rpm (30,000×g), and the maximum centrifugation capacity is 4x400mL. With the horizontal rotor and adapter..

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  • Rich accessories:  Equipped with a variety of horizontal rotors and fixed-angle rotors, which can be matched with different adapters and suitable for different experimental scenarios.
  • Multifunctional rotor: Self-locking rotor requires no tools for installation; The angle rotor is equipped with a quick-locking air-tight rotor cover that only requires a 1/6 turn
  • Multiple guarantees: Rotor ID static identification, automatic locking of rotor type, and maximum speed
  • Humanized operating experience: Centrifugal schedule appointment function, pre-cooling in advance, more regular experimental arrangements



Maximum capacity of horizontal rotor M-S4-400-P
Maximum speed of Horizontal rotor 5000rpm
Maximum RCF of Horizontal rotor 4696 xg
Maximum capacity of Angle rotor M-F6-100QG, 6x100mL
Maximum speed of Angle rotor M-F24-2QG, 18,000rpm
Maximum RCF of Angle rotor M-F24-2QG, 30,000 xg
Centrifuge temperature range -10℃ to +40℃
Centrifuge noise 56dB(A)
Centrifuge acceleration/deceleration configuration 9 acceleration/10 deceleration rates
Centrifuge program storage Up to 100 running programs, each with customizable steps
Centrifuge size (W x D x H) 627 x 688 x 409mm
Weight (without rotor) 98kg
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