M1324R/M1324 Micro High Speed Centrifuge

Micro high-speed centrifuge includes room temperature type (M1324) and refrigerated type (M1324R). The rotation speed can reach 15800 rpm and the operation is smooth. 





  • Can be adapted to different rotors:  The air-tight quick-locking rotor with 24*1.5ml/2ml centrifuge tubes is the standard configuration and can be locked by rotating only 1/6 turn. It can also be equipped with rotors suitable for PCR tubes and purification columns for centrifugation.
  • Excellent software performance: The combination of touch screen and function keys allows for quick and convenient parameter setting and calls. 12 groups/48 groups of customized program functions can quickly start centrifugation operations in a variety of scenarios
  • Multiple alarm functions: Real-time monitoring system for rotor dynamic balance and multiple unbalanced alarm functions to ensure safe operation
  • Multi-speed speed adjustment function: 10-speed speed adjustment to meet different centrifugation needs of users; equipped with a short centrifugation button to facilitate rapid centrifugation of samples
  • Rapid pre-cooling, continuous refrigeration (Mf324R):  Excellent high-density foaming technology, low
    energy loss; one-button rapid pre-cooling, only takes 8 minutes for the room temperature to drop to


  • In vitro diagnostics: In vitro diagnostics refers to products and services that obtain clinical diagnostic information by testing human samples (blood, body fluids, tissues, etc.) outside the human body to determine
    diseases or body functions.
  • Genetic Engineering: Genetic engineering, also known as gene splicing technology, is a genetic technology that uses molecular cloning technology to insert exogenous DNA/RNA into the host genome to change the original genetic characteristics of organisms, obtain new varieties, and produce new products.
  • Forensics: By isolating and purifying nucleic acids in human samples (blood stains, hair, etc.), DNA can be
    obtained as evidence to help relevant units obtain reliable identification information.





Model M1324R M1324
Maximum speed 15800rpm 15800rpm
Maximum centrifugal force (RCF) 23444 xg 23444 xg
Maximum capacity 5mL x 10 5mL x 10
Up/Down gear 10/10 10/10
Display 4.3 inch touch screen 4.3 inch touch screen
Noise level <54dB(A) <50dB(A)
Default parameters 12 groups 12 packages, 48 ​​groups
Temperature range -10℃~40℃ room temperature
Size 304mm x 304mm x 517mm 262mm x 282mm x 385mm
Weight (with rotor) 33kg 22kg
Available rotors 7 7
Available rotor types M-F24QG 24×1.5/2.0mL centrifuge tubes with air-tight quick-lock rotor

M-F10QG 10×5mL centrifuge tubes with air-tight quick-lock rotors

M-F24Q 24×1.5/2.0 mL centrifuge tubes with quick-lock rotors

M-F24G 24× 1.5/2.0 mL centrifuge tube air-tight rotor

M-F24 24×1.5/2.0 mL centrifuge tube rotor

M-F4PCR 4×eight strip/PCR tube rotor

M-F18Kit 18×purification column rotor

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