A Real Time-Saver Speeds up Your Research.The automated cell counter is a reliable cell counting device with highly intelligent analysis software and excellent microscopy optics structure.





  • Cell Count Analysis: Suitable for counting cells or particles with a diameter of 4- 60μm, such as most cell lines, stem cells, primary cells, etc.
  • Cell Viability Analysis: When testing cell viability in trypan blue mode, after staining, live cells will be circled in green, and dead cells will be circled in red.
  • Cell Size Analysis: In cell research, cell size is a key feature, which is often measured in cell transfection, drug testing, and cell viability.

After counting, it will count the average diameter of the cells in the sample and automatically generate a histogram.

  • Cell Fluorescence Analysis: Detect Cell Transfection Efficiency (GFP, RFP):
    When transfecting cells with the target gene, the transfection efficiency needs to be evaluated. In general, the transfected plasmid has the sequence encoding the fluorescent protein as the reporter gene, so the successfully transfected cell should be positive for the fluorescent protein. In addition, using a fluorescence microscope or a flow cytometer is a commonly used method for transfection efficiency analysis in laboratories, but both have the disadvantages of complicated operation and high cost. Using the fluorescence analysis function of C100, equipped with the corresponding fluorescence module, can realize the analysis of the expression of GFP, RFP, and other fluorescent proteins, and automatically count them, so as to quickly, simply, and efficiently obtain the positive rate of target gene expression.
  • Cell Fluorescence Analysis: Cell Viability Identification (AO/PI Dual Fluorescence Method).
    In addition to trypan blue staining, AO/PI dual fluorescence staining has become popular as a more accurate live cell counting method and is widely used for primary cell counting.


  • FDA 21 CFR Part11 compliance: Ensuring data security with account login and account permissions setting. Ensuring data integrity with electronic signature and electronic recording.
  • Smart cell recognition: Clustered cells can be identified and counted separately. In trypan blue mode, the counting result will show the proportion of live cells and dead cells.
  • Fast cell counting in 9 seconds: Compared to the hemocytometer, it can save you more than 24hrs within a month when counting 10 samples per day
  • User-friendly operation: A touchscreen with built-in user guide interfaces ensures easy operation.
  • Compact design: Small size fits into different placements. Removable modular FL cubes allow easy switches among various scenes.





Model C100-Pro
Optional fluorescence application (Ex :375/28nm ;Em:460/50nm)
(Ex :480/30nm ;Em:535/40nm)(Ex :540/25nm ;Em:620/60nm )
Amplification Factor 2.5×, 5.0 Megapixel
Focus Method Manual focusing & Autofocusing
Counting Area 2.15 mm x 1.62 mm
Cell Type Cell lines, stem cells, primary cells, pollens, beer yeast
Cell Size Range 4-60 μm (Optimal: 7-60 μm)
Cell Concentration Range 10^4-10^7 cells/mL
Cell counting Time Less than 9s
Historical Data Storage 1000 counting reports and images at most
Languages Chinese and English
Dimensions 212 mm(W) x 264 mm(H) x 165 mm (D)
Weight ~3.5kg
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