S700 Rotary Paraffin Microtome

The S700 rotary microtome is a semi-automatic paraffin microtome that embeds tissue in wax and then slices it. Paraffin sections can be used to detect various clinical diseases or help researchers explore tissue and cell levels.





  • Precise injection: Top-grade cross guide rails and precision screws, combined with a five-phase high-resolution sampling motor and a horizontal sampling slider made of aviation aluminum, form a high-precision sampling system to ensure slice quality.
  • Precision tool holder: 1 . Precise sideways movement function of tool post. After the same sample is moved laterally to replace the knife edge, the position changes very little, and the sample can be cut within 5 knives. 2. There are scales on the base of the knife holder, which is convenient for the positioning of the knife holder.
  • Rapid positioning: 1. Patented visual pointer mark, the angle adjustment data is intuitively visible. When adjusting the tissue angles of different inclined planes, the direction of the sample head can be accurately controlled to avoid wastage of tissue samples. 2. Quickly adjust multiple devices to the same angle to keep the same sample at the same angle when sliced by different devices, reducing sample waste caused by rough trimming.
  • Information tracking: 5-inch smart touch screen, background setting adjustment, relevant data, and information display at a glance; with a history recording system (including operation logs and alarm logs), it is convenient for information backtracking and quick problem-solving
  • Locking system and safety design: 1. Equipped with a handwheel lock and an arbitrary position lock dual locking system and a built-in beep, which significantly reduces the risk of hand injuries during sample block replacement operations and allows you to replace samples with peace of mind. 2. The knife guard covers the entire length of the blade to avoid potential risks of injury during operation. 3. When replacing the blade, the blade ejector can easily push out the blade and remove it safely.
  • Easy to clean: 1 . Large-capacity waste tray with magnetic suction function, easy to disassemble and install. 2. Antistatic, non-stick wax, easy to clean, and the cleaning time is greatly shortened.



Slice Thickness Range 0.5 – 100 µm
Trimming block thickness range 1 – 800µm
Electric injection speed 0-1800μm/s adjustable
Retraction 0-250um, adjustable
Horizontal feed stroke 28mm
Vertical slicing stroke 70mm
Sample positioning X/Y axis 8°
Maximum sample size 55 x 50 x 30mm
Width x Depth x Height 554 x 488 x 305mm
Machine weight 28kg
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