A Real Time-Saver Speeds up Your Research.Automated cell counters provide two models to meet different customers’ needs in BF&FL cell counting and analysis in 9s.




The automated cell counter can identify both live and dead cells. Information such as cell counts, viability, and diameter can be obtained with just one click. With a fluorescence cube, C100 can display images in BF and FL channels simultaneously and present cell counts and cell morphology. It is an optimal device to analyze cell viability and transfection efficiency in immunology and vaccine development, cell therapy, tumor research, stem cell, metabolism research, and others.


  • Tumor Research ⸺ Passage cell line, pre-detection of apoptosis
  • Immunological research ⸺ PBMCs, lymphocytes
  • Cell Biology Research ⸺ Primary Cells
  • Cell quality control ⸺ stem cells, CIK
  • Cell expression level detection ⸺ fluorescent protein, transfection efficiency detection


  • Smart cell recognition: Clustered cells can be identified and counted separately. In trypan blue mode, the counting result will show the proportion of live cells and dead cells.
  • Fast cell counting in 9 seconds: Compared to the hemocytometer, it can save you more than 24 hours within a month when counting 10 samples per day
  • User-friendly operation: A touchscreen with built-in user guide interfaces ensures easy operation.
  • Compact design: Small size fits into different placements. Removable modular FL cubes allow easy switches among various scenes.





Model C100-SE C100
Optional fluorescence application N/A (Ex:375/28nm;Em:460/50nm)(Ex:480/30nm;Em:535/40nm)

(Ex:540/25nm;Em:620/60nm )

Amplification Factor 2.5×, 5.0 Megapixel
Focus Method Manual focusing & Autofocusing
Counting Area 2.15 mm x 1.62 mm
Cell Type Cell lines, stem cells, primary cells, pollens, beer yeast
Cell Size Range 4-60 μm (Optimal: 7-60 μm)
Cell Concentration Range 10^4-10^7 cells/mL
Cell counting Time Less than 9s
Historical Data Storage 1000 counting reports and images at most
Languages Chinese and English
Dimensions 212 mm(W) x 264 mm(H) x 165 mm (D)
Weight ~3.0kg ~3.2kg
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